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Monday, September 13, 2010

OPA Ontario Naturals September 11th Update!

Hey guys!!!Thanks for staying tuned to my site for all my updates! This has been an incredible journey for me. I started training for the Ontario Naturals in June, but took a few breaks along the way due to travel, family stuff, and just life in general! However, I trained consistently and hard, stuck to my diet as best as I could and maintained a positive attitude, most importantly I had FUN! I have competed a few times in the past and allowed my nervousness and insecurities to get in my way of success and in turn did not enjoy my journey... This time, I had a great support team by my side, my coaches Mindi & Dennis (Team O'Brien), my makeup artist/stage prep coach/good friend CherryBomB (Cherry Villanos) and friends and some family that kept me going the whole way through!!!
I was honored to place first in the medium class and come home with first in Overall Figure as well! This was one of the happiest moments for me ever since I started training when I was 13, back in middle school... haha! This experience has given me the courage to pursue my dreams in the fitness industry, believe in myself and obtain the confidence I was lacking in the past! All the ladies I competed with looked beautiful and had some stunning physiques, I had the pleasure of meeting lots of nice people backstage, that I hope to stay in touch with!!
A BIG thank you to: GOD first and foremost!!!!!!! Mindi & Dennis (Team O'Brien Training & Nutrition), CherryBomB (Makeup/Hair/Posing & Stage prep), Pamela Bortmes (Spray Tanning), Lisa from SXE-FX for my lovely suits & my mom and brother, and all my friends for keeping me motivated!!! XOXO

Here are some pics from Saturday, I hope everyone of you had a lovely weekend, and stay tuned to my site for more exciting articles and updates!!
Pumping up before going on stage
Receiving Overall Figure trophy :)
On stage during Pre-Judging
Pumping up my shoulders!
Side-Pose during Pre-Judging

-Alex L. :)