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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Last Minute Decision to Compete in London OPA Show November 22 !!!

Hey Guys!!! 
Thanks for stopping by my blog to check my latest fitness updates!!!!!
As you all probably know by reading my previous journal entries, I am ALWAYS up to something with nutrition and training; constant trial and error and experimenting with what works for myself and for my clients as well... 
That being said, I have managed to find a nutrition approach that works year round to stay conditioned and close to contest shape without killing my social life and my entertainment as far as food and leisure are concerned ;) 
I must say I DID NOT PLAN TO COMPETE THIS YEAR.. BUT my friend/workout buddy Alicia was prepping for the November 22nd OPA show and her energy and drive MAJORLY rubbed off on me.. I started itching for more intensity in my workouts and more of a burn so we started training together so i figured "what the F&CK..WHO CARES!!?! let me just get shredded and hit the stage again:)!!!" We have an amazing coach, Nick UKBFF heavyweight 2013:, who sends us our weekly torture workouts and they are working wonders although it feels sometimes like I'm on the verge of puking it pays off! I am hoping to bring my best physique yet to the stage Nov. 22nd! I'm doing my own nutrition programs so along with killer workouts this journey is one hell of a ride!!!

Stay tuned to my blog for my latest progress updates as Alicia and I get ready to rock the stage in London Nov 22 !!! We just went to get measured for our suits and to practice posing today.. no days off till end of November! :DDD

Also, side note for anyone in the Etobicoke area looking for Personal training/Nutrition/Fitness Coaching you can contact us at: , and for Contest Prepping contact: