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Monday, November 21, 2011

Adrenal Fatigue: How to Improve Your Adrenal Health

By: Alex Liska
Hello everybody!! Thanks for stopping by my site, i am pleased with all the feedback i have been getting from all my readers lately; a lot of you seem to be learning new things by reading my posts, trying out the workouts i've posted as well as the recipes! This is great news for me, so i will continue to write more articles :)

I have been doing a lot of research lately on thyroid and adrenal health and the confusion between low thyroid function and adrenal stress. It seems that many 'hypothyroid' symptoms are so similar to adrenal fatigue that even tests for thyroid and adrenal problems can be misinterpreted by doctors. On top of that many doctors seem to think that if you have low thyroid function it may be adrenal stress that is causing these problems; which would lead for the patient to need more tests to determine what is really going on! Yikes!!! Your adrenals and thyroid work hand in hand to supply your body with energy so it's essential for these to be working efficiently.
Let me explain a bit more about your adrenals before i offer some simple nutrition solutions ;)
The adrenals are 2 lima-bean sized organs (maybe a liiittle bit bigger) that sit on top of your kidneys and that work hand in hand with your thyroid to ensure that the organs in your brain (pituitary gland/hypothalamus), your digestive system, liver, sexual organ system, heart (just to name a few) are working properly!! They are responsible for the body's "fight or flight" response and secrete some of the most important hormones including adrenaline, testosterone, estrogen, progesterone and DHEA.

Here are some signs of adrenal malfunction/stress:
-Difficulty losing weight
-Loss of interest in daily activites
-Lack of will-power
-Physical as well as mental exhaustion
-Lack of motivation
-Cravings for sugar (excessive)
-Excessive cravings for salt
-Loss of muscle tone
-Eating disorders
-Brain fog/memory loss/mind gaps
-hormone imbalances
-Excessive thirst
-Insomnia/Difficulty sleeping
-Hair loss/thinning hair
Those are a few symptoms that may very well indicate that your adrenals may be under a lot of stress and malfunctioning!!!

Here are some tips to help IMPROVE YOUR ADRENAL HEALTH:
- Do not over-train!!! Take a rest day if you feel your body is "too sore" and you don't have the energy or desire to train that day, especially if you have been training regularly.
-Replace refined sugars with 'Stevia Herbal Sweetener' or 'Xylitol' ... Keep in mind that refined sugars feed the evil yeast "candida" which raises your blood sugar and deprives your body of essential minerals!! 
-Cut back on animal protein!!! That is, if you are consuming too much! Studies have shown that most people don't have enough hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) to digest animal protein which in turn creates an acidic internal environment when unable to digest this protein! 
-Try taking digestive enzymes to help your body digest proteins!
-Take a B-Complex/Vitamin C supplement/vitamin!! Most people that suffer from adrenal stress are deficient in B and C Vitamins (this also leads to stress).
-Consume more foods that are high in potassium versus sodium (Veggies are a great choice! So are low/moderate Glycemic Index Fruits - In moderation of course)
-Opt for smaller, more frequent meals versus larger ones as it facilitates digestion and your body is able to absorb minerals/vitamins better
-Consider trying Wild Yam (herbal supplement) as it has been shown to provide the body with DHEA activity!!
-Follow a diet that consists of WHOLE FOODS!
-SEA-WEED SUPPLEMENTATION!!!!! I saved this one for last because i think it is one of the most important tips!!! Here in North America, we are deprived of algae/sea-weeds/iodine and other essential minerals and nutrients that come from the sea! I suggest incorporating 'Spirulina', 'Hawaiian Spirulina' (Blue/Green Algae), Kelp, Alfalfa & Cholorella... I like to use "Greens Plus" by Genuine Health as it contains all these sea weed supplements that are so beneficial to the adrenal glands and body overall !!!

Well, that's it for now! I will continue researching adrenal health as well as thyroid health, as i find this topic to be VERY interesting and i think that some of these tips and insight may be very beneficial to a lot of you! If not, you might know someone that could benefit from better adrenal/thyroid health :)
As I always say, "you are what you eat" so eat clean at least 70-80% of the time, stay active and stay positive!

Also, before I go, in response to Facebook messages/inquiries asking me if i design personalized workout programs and nutrition plans: YES I DO :) Just e-mail me if you have any questions:

Thanks for stopping by my site and have a great week!!!!


Alex L.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ab Ripper Workout and New Journal Entry

Hello everyone!!!!:)
A lot of you have been messaging me on FB/e-mailing me asking what I do in terms of diet, and lately i've been asked over and over again if i'm dieting for a show! That is very flattering :) But i have to be honest with you all, even if i did not plan to compete anytime soon I still want to stay lean year-round. This requires balance and finding a healthy medium. In other words, I am eating very clean 80% of the time. I follow a fairly low carb diet consisting of whole foods & carbs around training times only but I also switch up my diet template on rest-days and consume less calories and switch the macronutrient ratios.
I have weekly cheat days OR what i'll do is have a small cheat every day but keep it fairly healthy. For example, I'll have a small bowl of icecream with a large scoop of fry's cocoa powder mixed in, which basically turns my ice-cream into a 70% cocoa frozen dessert! The key for me is, when cheating to practice portion control and drink a lot of water with my cheats. I am very cautious of using too much sodium on my days where i consume mixed energy sources (carbs/fats/protein) because otherwise i will get very bloated!!! On my depletion days since i'm consuming less calories overall i dont mind to over do it with condiments/sodium/diet beverages & splenda... LOL
I am confident that after years of trial and error I have found the approach that is right for my body-type! My clients are also having a blast with their cyclical keto diets, & going hard with the starches/sugars on carb day(s) LOL ...
I have also found a wonderful post-drinking protocol which allows for a day of partying/drinking once a week or once every 2 weeks :D In my humble opinion, life is all about balance therefore if i cannot drink till i'm sh&t-faced at least once a month (by choice) or have cheat days when i'm totally craving junk, my whole fitness plan will suffer!!! Balance is the KEY to success... Moderation is your BEST FRIEND!  If you look at the pic of me to the left, I do LOVE my green veggies (raw spinach especially), but I also love my dry red wine & gin (no picture of this yet lol). So if you can control your eating habits but allow for a well-earned cheat for mental relief, and continue to train consistently, you are bound for success :)

And yes, for those of you that have asked on my photos on FB/statuses if i design meal plans/training plans or train athletes to compete in bodybuilding/fitness shows.. YES I DO! :D
E-mail me: and we can discuss more !!

As promised earlier, here is the workout i did today! I mentioned on facebook that I'd be posting it for you guys to see so here it is:
-30min Stepmill - Level 8- Pushing through the heels and no handles for the 1st 10min. then walking backwards holding onto the handles, slightly leaning forward and pushing through the heels for 10min. The last 10min was a combination of walking sideways/backwards and running up the steps ...

-Walking lunges (no weight) around the gym for 15min.

3 sets 15-20reps each:
-Hanging leg raises
-Broomstick twists superset w/ Ab Vaccums
-Machine crunches superset w/ Crunches on bench holding 10lb plate
-Decline leg raises

Finished with one set of close-grip unassisted pullups performed to failure with good/controlled form (I like to do a set of these @ the end of every workout to strengthen my back!)

Thanks for stopping by my site and stay tuned for more...

Alex L. :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

5 Pre-Cardio Snacks & Sample Workout

Hi Guys!!
Here are a few ideas of light snacks to have 30-60min. before doing cardio if you don't like training on an empty stomach (like me!!!). I find that with some form of fuel, my cardio is way more intense, longer and i enjoy it a LOT more! I also find i am way less hungry through out the day; i consume much less calories this way than if i train fasted! :) Everyone has a different opinion on this, but i always say "find what works best for your body-type and stick to that! YOU know your body best!"

5 Pre-Cardio Snacks:
1) 1/2 cup fat-free plain yogurt w/ 1 tbps instant coffee, 1-2 envelopes Splenda or Stevia (Sweetener) + 1/2 scoop whey protein + 1tsp. ground flaxseeds or chia. (mix this well w/ a fork or spoon.. you can even leave it in the freezer for 20-30min)

2) 1/2 cup fat-free cottage cheese w/ 1/3 cup blueberries or blackberries + 1 tbsp. crushed plain nuts OR 1tbsp. ground flaxseeds. top w/ cinnamon and sweeten with stevia!

3) 1/2 ruby red grapefruit and 1 cup celery sticks or peeled cucumber dipped in mustard or drizzled w/ balsamic vinegar and a pinch of sea-salt

4) 2 cups steamed broccoli/cauliflower topped w/ herbs/garlic and 1-2 slices fat-free cheese melted on top (Sometimes i will have 1/3 can of tuna or 2oz grilled chicken-breast to top this off).

5) Light protein shake: 1/2-1 scoop whey isolate (low-carb) + 1-2 tbsp fry's cocoa powder + 1 tsp flaxseeds or chia seeds + 1cup water + 1/3 cup frozen berries + 1/2 cup fat-free plain yogurt/skim milk (or you can use water) + stevia/splenda to sweeten...... Add ice-cubes (1-1.5 cups) and blend until smooth!

-10min warmup on stepmill (comfortable pace...i usually select level 7-10)
-10-20min intervals on bike (90sec. low intensity & 30sec. high/full-blast)
-skipping rope: 150 skips
-15min incline treadmill (walk at a moderate pace - 3.0-3.5mph) 
-cooldown & stretch :)



Alex L. :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lower Body/Back Workout & Update!!!

Good morning!!!!
Hope you're all having a lovely week so far :)))
I have been getting a lot of e-mails and messages asking me to post a lower body workout/what do i do for glutes/legs etc... So here is my response!
I just got back from the gym.. i had an amazing lower-body/back/core workout and a bomb post-workout meal! So I'm in a great mood. I decided to post what I did a few hours ago at the gym... Feel free to give this a try. I will suggest one thing, make sure you are well nourished before you go in to train 2 major muscle groups; this is an intense and grueling workout, so complex carbs and protein are a must before you head to the gym to tackle this challenge!!!

4 sets 20-25 reps for ALL lower body moves & 4 sets 12-15 reps for ALL upper back exercises:
  • Stiff Legged Barbell Deadlifts
  • Wide grip lat pull-downs or Chin-ups
  • High/Close stance Leg Press
  • Straight Arm Lat pulldown (with Rope)
  • Barbell Squats (Medium Stance)
  • T-Bar Rows
  • Lying Hamstring Curls (Feet together)
  • Leg Extensions (toes pointed out)
  • Seated Cable Rows (Close-grip)
  • Standing Calf Raises
I performed all of these moves as a circuit (giant-sets style) no rest until the whole circuit was finished. I did a core workout as an intermission... Mixture of Leg Raises/Vaccums/Broomstick Twists/Crunches etc... By the end of this workout i was sweating buckets and my heart felt like it was going to explode :D

I hope you guys find this info useful. I like to use the heaviest weights possible with the best possible form!!! I used to train with very light weights because it was embedded in my head that when you do high reps you should use b!tch weights too... this was until my coach talked some sense into me and made me realize that if i keep going for the b!tch weights my legs won't get any harder. They will stay the same size but softer! so the choice was EASY: hard quads/glutes/hams OR soft @ the same exact size... LOL obviously i wanted the tighter lower body option! and it happened... each workout my lower body gets tighter and tigher and the whole shape of it is changing/lifting and totally leaning out! I LOVE IT!!! 
I must admit though, since i love being honest and outspoken, i caused a scene this week on my BBM!!! i was constantly b%tching and complaining about how gross and bulky i felt... what happened was last Saturday I had my scheduled cheat meal... i went to mcDonalds after my workout and had 2 mcdoubles & a jr. mc.chicken stacked ontop of eachother with 12 enveloppes of ketchup (my brother calls this burger trio the MC GANG BANG!!! LOL) i think i blew a load in my pants after this, seriously... party in my mouth!! HAHAHA ... then i went to Dairy Queen and got a large or maybe xtra large (don't remember) cookies and cream/smarties/double fudge cookie blizzard!!! :D:D:D:D:D: yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! OMG im dying just thinking about how good this was! Now, this is totally acceptable and actually encouraged by most because it will speed up your metabolism and provide a mental diet break so long as you resume clean eating immediately post-cheat meal... the problem was I WAS ON MY MOTHER F&CKING PERIOD when i did this sh*t!!!!!! So the next day and following few days i felt like a jersey cow!!! i felt like the fattest person on Earth! i tried on a pair of black TNA leggings and my whole lower body looked like i belonged in a music video for some low budget rapper! :/ I did something terrible, i started cutting all my carbs and fats out of guilt until my coach realized i was having an emotional diet crisis based on my retarded BBM panic updates!! i think everyone on my BBM list thought i was gonna commit suicide via excess cardio and extreme dieting!! LOL... anyways the good news is my mind is back to normal and i am back on track!!! i LOVE my legs and @ss allover again :) :) especially after today's workout!!! 
So, don't be like me, don't be a retard! Use logic, don't deplete yourself on impulse and start restricting calories because you're a little bit bloated. Especially females! when that time of the month comes around; EXPECT THE WATER RETENTION!!! just cope with it... after all we have no choice but to accept it! Eventually some lucky man will be fortunate to spend every special 6 days of the month hearing me complain about how overweight and gross i am and how life sucks because im a woman!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! :D
Well, that is all for now guys!! Thanks for stopping by my site to see what's new and exciting in the crazy world of Miiss Alex :')))) Also, in case you don't have me on facebook, here is the link to the recipe for my deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious HEALTHY HIGH PROTEIN BROWNIES!! Enjoy!! xoxo

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Post-Competition Review and What's Next for me...

Hello!!!! Thank you for stopping by my site ;)
Soooo it's about 2-3 weeks after the WBFF show... I competed on the 27th of August... the prep was intense, very exciting and i'm truly pleased with the package i presented on stage and my conditioning! Had a blast meeting new people backstage, pumping up and enjoying lots of sugary treats!!! LOL... Every time i compete i learn something new about myself, both mental and physical... one thing i love about this sport is there is NO limit to what you can achieve and you can just continue to raise the bar with workouts/diet! The body adapts to training/nutrition so quickly that it's a constant challenge to keep a few steps ahead and shock your body!!!
The class i competed in was fairly large i think about 12-15 girls or so, i placed 5th... I can't say i was pleased with that... but then again, you NEVER KNOW what or who the judges are looking for... especially since i usually compete w/ a different organization... However, i won't cry over spilled milk... no use in b*tching about "unfair judging" ... life goes on and i am thankful for the extensive learning curve i got to experience while dialing in for this show... I owe a HUGE thank you to my amazing contest prep coach, Kevin Tierney!!! Honestly i started working w/ him towards the END of my prep (last month) where i had hit a major mental barrier... i was a complete carbo-phobic and cardio-addict!!!! Luckily he somehow got through my thick skull and talked some sense/scientific knowledge into me and sh*t started to click... it made sense WHY i needed "the right types of carbs" at the right times in order to achieve the look i wanted... if i have any regrets it's not having had Kevin train me the FULL 12 weeks... or i would have came in more dialed in/tighter... but this is why there are OTHER shows to train for... hahaha... NEXT on the agenda is the OPA London show in November... We've already pretty much mapped out a nutritional outline/training plan for the next while which is my main focus at this moment... I had a lot of fears to overcome... 
1)Fear of carbs 
2)Not Over-training(i was used to living on the cardio equipment) 
3)Lifting super heavy for lower reps for a period of time 
4)Giant Sets 
5)Eating more in general...
6)Etc ... Etc... LOL
I was sooooo scared to eat more i honestly thought i was going to pack on so much size, the girl in me formed an emotional attachment to dieting.. so by taking myself out of the equation and just following the nutrition plan   my coach gave me i didn't question anything, just had faith and i'm right back on track ;) I even got to enjoy an awesome post-comp week of "no boundaries eating" LOL i crammed thousands upon thousands of crap calories, like literally shoveled food down my throat by the hour... FEARLESS!!!!! As expected i retained a sh*t ton of WATER after this but it's ALL coming off! Focus, hard work, sweat/tears etc etc.... and the results are starting to show! I faced my fears of consuming clean carbs w/ more than 3 meals a day and eating wayyyy more protein and to my surprise the numbers on the scale are slowly decreasing... :)
If there is one thing i am learning is that it helps to be more objective and have an open mind when it comes to food/exercise... You may know your body best, but somebody may know what the next step for you is when you hit a plateau/barrier so although we have to stand on stage alone and this may be seen as a "one man sport" it takes a whole lot more input/opinions and expertise to truly master "dialing in" for a show!!!
My creativity is booming in the kitchen, i'm putting together so many new concoctions that fit into my new nutrition plan, it's really exciting and i'm eager to share some recipes with you all!!!!
Anyhow, here are a few pics that some very talented photographers took of me at the show... hope you like'em! ;) I will be posting another update and some recipes soon, so stay tuned :))))

Alex L. :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Figure 911...My Battles With the Scale & Latest Progress Update...

Hey Guys!!!!
Thanks for stopping by my site and tuning into my latest progress update!!!! Well, this is a bit of a rant/vent session AND update... LOL... The reason i called this post Figure 911 is because i KNOW theres hundreds and thousands of other female competitors that suffer from warped body image/scale battles/tape-measure battles/water retention dilemmas, and all sorts of psycho-neurotic mental problems... This is why a lot of times you see/meet women that look SENSATIONAL but when you tell them they look good, in their head they are really thinking "oh do i? but im holding like 10lbs of water, i just had a cheat meal so my abs are gone, im holding water in my lower body cause my periods coming ... etc.. etc..." it's really awful because at the end of the day we DID train our asses off and commit to clean eating in order to get to where we're standing..
Here are some pics i took after my nice relaxing incline powerwalk on the treadmill (1 hour). I took them @ the studio downstairs at the gym! The lights were almost ALL OFF because Monday was a holiday (yesterday) so i guess it's hard to really see what i "look like" lol :

My current diet is PLAGUED with green vegetables... i mean POUNDS and POUNDS a day... lots of water, still eating a fair bit of clean carbs, this phase is lower in fats... I have kept the carbs in for muscle hardness/fullness and because my body fat is low i don't really need to cut back on carbs dramatically... also, with just having started weight training again 1.5 weeks ago and doing an hour or more of cardio 4-5 times a week i'd be walking around like a brain-fogged, depleted retard if i didn't have carbs in my eating plan..
SOOOOOOOO what's REALLY f*cking with my head now is the fact that my weight will fluctuate from 139lbs. to 149lbs... sooo randomly... I have kept cheat meals/days in only when i deserve/earn them and its messed up because lots of times after cheating i weigh less.. i understand the science behind why this is, but i STILL allow the scale to torture me!!! The funny thing is, in order to LOOK SHREDDED YEAR ROUND i CANT walk around at 130-135lbs (stage weight) or i would look completely depleted and flat!!! So for those of you that have SERIOUS muscle density from years of training (im in my 10th year of working out) or a solid bone structure, DONT LOOK AT THE MUTHAAAA F*CKINGGG SCALE!!! Consider this, if you had a plastic blow-up doll full of cotton and gummy worms, and another plastic blow-up doll of the same size full of cement or metal, WHICH ONE WOULD WEIGH MORE ON THE SCALE?????? Muscle is wayyyyyyyyyy denser than fat... and if you are properly nourished your bones will be HEAVY! Also, people with longer torsos sometimes weigh MORE than those with longer legs/shorter torsos (tall people lol).
Another thing i've been doing to torment myself lately is, since i want to decrease the circumference of my thighs but at the same time build deeper cuts/harder legs, I will go HEAVY on deadlifts or after doing squats, eating my post workout meal i will run to my room and measure my legs like a big effing idiot, and freak out at the increased number, usually ONE INCH... well DUUUUUUUHHH my stupid ass just did legs and ate OBVIOUSLY its gonna be higher... I even shy away from lifting as heavy as i can for 20-25 reps out of fear that my legs will get bigger and fatter.. how stupid is that? lol well its not that stupid considering that most females are scared of weights, especially heavier weights... Luckily, for next leg day (this Thursday) I already went over this with my workout buddy and pretty much told him to assassinate my ego if i try to squat JUST the barbell in a pathetic attempt not to get fatter legs.. LOL having my ego crushed ALWAYS works... big proud ALEX hates feeling like a sissy in the weight room :) let's see how i look/feel after this leg day... also, i have some exciting diet modifications coming my way next Monday.. i will be cycling the macro-nutrients/changing the ratios of fats/proteins/carbs to REALLY tighten up... BYE BYE green veggie abundance!!! :') hello higher-fat phase !!!! yipeeeeeeeee! although i will be more lethargic and  may even look flatter, this will help tighten me up in the last  few weeks leading to my show! Soon after I will throw in this SIIIIICK herbal diuretic stack i came up with and play around with sodium/water towards the VERY END... although, is there ever really an end to this vicious cycle ??? :D
Hope you people enjoy my crazy updates and i REALLY hope that i can save at least a few of you from body dysmorphia associated with constant usage of the scale!!! seriously F&CK THAT SHIT!! according to those stupid charts at the doctor's pretty much the whole bodybuilding population is OBESE!!! Because we have more muscle mass and the charts don't take that into account, they tell you there is a FIXED weight for each height class which is beyond retarded and close-minded if you ask me :D
Before I go, i wanna send out a BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG hug & THANK YOU to the supportive, amazing people in my life that i bombard with text messages and complaints all day.. YOU GUYS definitely know who you are! You're FREAKING awesome & i LOVE YOUUUUUUUU for putting up with my retarded crazy ass!!! XOXO

Okay, stay tuned for the next progress post ;)

Alex L.

Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25th Progress Update!!

Hello to all of my readers!!!
Thank you so much for taking interest in my exciting journey to my next figure competition, the WBFF show August 27th, 2011! I'm thrilled to share this experience with all of you and see that so many of you are e-mailing me, facebooking me etc... with questions and feedback, it makes this whole thing that much more fun for me :D
Well, the last post on here was July 11th, where i must admit i was STUCK IN A RUT! that video i posted SUCKED, i was crazy bloated from my time of the month which i did not even think was going to come.. and, the suit selection was awful, on top of that i had been creeping on facebook at all the other ripped peoples' profiles and somehow i started to feel REALLY low and mad at myself for not being where i should be, i felt off track all of a sudden and without hope. Well here are some things that have changed over the past 2 weeks that have made a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE difference in my progress and have gotten me to where i want to be at this point and it seems that i'm right back on track!

  1. I changed my diet! (i was carb cycling previously, which was working wonders but as we are all too familiar with, everything has its limitations... so a macro-nutrient ratio switch-up was highly necessary) I've added a LOT more carbs in, and reduced some portions, added some digestive supplements and tapered back on protein! This is working for my body type.
  2. My time of the month FINALLY came.... its unbelievable just HOW much of an impact this has on the female body. For one reason or another, my hormones decided to co-operate and make my life easier and i got my period :) Each day this week I started to feel tighter/leaner and understood WHY i looked so shitty in my last posing video.. once i made sense of a few things, my mood picked up, i removed the mental barriers/negativity and kept moving forward!
  3. I have a WORKOUT BUDDYYYYYYYY!!!! i NEVER wanted one before because i thought they would talk too much or go off-topic from the workout or try to entirely dictate the whole workout etc. etc... i'm REALLY stubborn and sometimes when it comes to socializing i'm very closed-minded.. THIS is one decision i do NOT regret... after going through my training partner's back workout on Tuesday it felt like my lats/rhomboids/whole entire back had been re-modeled like a clay structure LOL... I'm also more motivated because instead of staring at myself in the mirror the whole time and going from admiring to criticizing myself i have somebody else to stare at and stroke their ego and talk about vascularity with! :D haha so this was a WIN-WIN situation!
  4. I changed my meal frequency!!! I am switching back from 5 larger meals a day (all different sizes) to 6-8 small meals a day... depending on the day of the week, activity level and what i am craving... i strongly believe that if you're craving something HEALTHY in abundance, your body is deficient in nutrients that this food possesses, so instead of listening to "hear-say" and other peoples advice, the news/magazines or WHATEVER the brainwash may be... GO WITH YOUR GUT!! Follow your instincts.. this has worked for me time and time again... i will NOT "Listen to the experts" if they "wont listen to me" and that's final! We are very intuitive beings and should not allow ourselves to be mislead:)
  5. I took a FACEBOOK VACATION... not that i don't love you all and mind you i did miss interacting with all my friends/fans on a daily basis but i needed some time to think, and make very important decisions.. also, i needed to STOP making shrines of myself for a bit and posting them on FB blowing up people's notifications/news feeds LOL... 
Now, those are the main things that have changed in my training/diet that have made all the difference i find... For some reason, my whole attitude towards competing has changed. I want to be ripped/lean YEAR-ROUND and i find the only way to achieve this is to find a perfect balance between work, training, dieting, leisure activities/relaxation and mind control. THE BODY ACHIEVES WHAT THE MIND BELIEVES! as i always say, and am finally following; if you tell yourself that you suck, you will end up losing... if you tell yourself you WILL achieve, you will start to believe this and results will happen... take ANY SMALL result, and ANY small advance in the right direction and use it as a sign/prediction of what's to come... STAY POSITIVE!!!! I'm obviously really excited hence all the CAPITAL LETTERS!!!! LOLOL 
Anyhow, i've added some pics into the article for those of you that don't have me on facebook. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer and stay tuned for my next update :)

Alex L.

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11th Progress Update!

Hi, and thanks for stopping by my blog to check my latest update:)
I started this transformation journey almost 2 full months ago, and so far everything seems to be going as planned... The past 2-3 weeks is when i have seen the most results from my diet and training. I am currently following my own diet which i change whenever i feel its necessary. It's low in carbs overall but i have incorporated a few higher carb days which are cycled in depending on my activity level or how my progress is coming along. I am using bodyfat callipers and tape measures to track my progress.. the scale is really not my friend at this point especially on days where i consume more green vegetables and water.... LOL... the way my clothes fit or how i look in the mirror, vascularity and overall appearance are better indicators than the fluctuating number on the scale!!
Sometimes after i have a meal i feel super tight and lean and i can see soooo much definition, but other times, especially after my first meal of the day which is a shake, i feel like i look bloated... it's really frustrating since i know its all in my head. Getting past the mental aspect of dieting has always been a huge challenge for me. There are so many highs and lows that go along with this. Today i decided to record this quick posing practice clip. Cleary i picked the wrong suit for posing and the lighting is way off but as long as i got to practice that's what counts!

My bodyfat levels have dropped dramatically and my hormones seem to be having a hard time adjusting to the fast changes taking place. I haven't gotten my time of the month in a while, which i know is really common among female figure/fitness/bodybuilding athletes so i'm not too concerned but it's playing tricks with my mind. I keep thinking it's gonna come every time i get cramps or feel bloated but then nothing happens! Grrrrrrrrrrr!
Aside from that things seem to be going good, I have no complaints... I've started doing some extra cardio and changed my workouts again as well as my diet so I hope to see some improvements in the next 2 weeks!
I'll be posting again on here soon so stay tuned :))


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Latest Journal Entry: Before & After - 6 Week Challenge!!!

By: Alex Liska
Hello! :)
Thanks for stopping by my site to check out my latest journal entry as I prep for the WBFF Worlds August 27th!!! :)
I decided it's time to post my dreaded before and after pic...
The "Before" Pic was taken the day before i started my diet about 6 weeks ago! The "After" Pic was taken this morning! The main reason i am posting this pic is because just about a week or two ago i was ready to give up and say F&CK IT!!! I was extremely bloated and i thought i looked like sh*t and wasn't seeing as much "RESULTS" as i wanted... The scale was barely shifting, my weight had barely gone down in a long time. 
Although my mom and people at the gym and so on and so forth were telling me they could see the changes in my physique, there were other people asking me "so how much time till your show? oh you still have a long time don't worry," which made me think.. "am i really that far from where i need to be that these people are telling me i'm lucky to have all this time to prep...?" 
Anyways, long story short, I decided to keep pushing forward and just break through the mental plateau i had reached. I not only need to keep a positive mindset for myself, but also for my clients and anyone that reads my blog, follows my workouts/diet. I need to lead by example, so giving up is NOT an option!!!! In this case i would have gave up RIGHT before seeing change.. because to my surprise when i woke up today i looked completely different than last Saturday morning... I decided to have faith and try on my posing suit from my last show (Ontario Naturals Sept. 11, 2010) and .... IT FIT !!!! :))) 
Motivation, Inspiration & Success comes when you least expect it!! This was especially true for me this week ! :)
"The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes"

I am currently working on putting together a 4 stage dieting manual for beginner-advanced trainees. It will focus on meal planning, meal prep, food selection, when to consume carbs/fats/proteins and how to incorporate supplements/vitamins/minerals into a nutrition plan etc...... Stay tuned for more updates from me as i dial in for my next show ;)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chicken & Eggwhite Omelet with Mozzarella!!! **Healthy High Protein Recipe**

By: Alex Liska

-8 Egg-whites
-1 cup chopped spinach (i use other greens sometimes)
-4 oz. grilled chicken breast slices
-1 tsp garlic powder or crushed garlic
-1 tsp. butter (stick form, not margarine!!)
-paprika, black pepper and sea salt for taste!
-2 oz skimmed mozzarella cheese
Combine the egg-whites, spinach, garlic and spices. Heat a medium sized frying pan/skillet and add tsp. of butter. Pour in the egg-whites/spinach mix and cover for 5minutes or so (medium heat). Top with chicken breast slices and sprinkle mozzarella cheese on top. Place in preheated 450-500degree oven (on broil) for 3-5 minutes until cheese is lightly browned! Cut into 2-4 servings and ENJOY!!! :)

This omelet is high in protein & very low carb/moderate fat!! This is definitely great food for fuel! It's quite filling as well!
Serves 2 (or it can serve ONE very hungry person! lol)


Alex L.

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Latest Shoulder Workout!!

By: Alex Liska
Hey guys!!! As promised, here is my latest shoulder workout! I've started using kettle bells in between sets to switch-up my training a bit, shock my muscles and keep my heart rate up! I'm doing squats with the kettle-bells, swinging them up and down (this REALLY kills the shoulders)
Another tip, try using the skipping rope for cardio... this will help sculpt and tone your shoulders! Boxers do a lot of skipping and there is no denying that they all have killer shoulders! :D

Warm-up: 500-1000 skips (skipping rope) followed by 3-5 sets 8-12 reps of each of the following:

  • Rear-delt flyes with cables
  • Standing arnold presses
  • Single-arm side lat raises (slightly leaning forward)
  • Wide grip barbell upright rows
  • Military dumbbell presses
I did a set of 25 reps "Kettle bell Squats" squatting down with the kettle bell and swinging it upwards, squeezing my shoulder caps as i came up, between sets for EACH one of the exercises listed above! 
I finished up my workout with another 500-1000 skips!
When training shoulders i like to keep things simple, always do a few compound exercises and a few isolation moves as well as a cardio exercises that utilized the shoulders! Also, i like to engage my core, by doing most of these exercises while standing up, or in this case, using kettle bells in between sets!
A quick tip for fitness/figure competitors, i find that POSING practice REALLY helps sculpt your shoulders because flexing and bringing out those delts is mandatory in almost each one of our poses! Hope this helps! :)))


Alex L.