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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Spring 2017 Nutrition and Training Update...

Good afternoon!! Hope you're all having a great week! The weather in Toronto is pretty bi-polar these days and it seems to be affecting my daily activities because I keep getting caught in the rain when trying to go for a run.. maybe I'm picking the wrong days... :/
I decided to post an update on my training and nutrition... As of just recently I e-mailed my coach (Mindi O'Brien) to start training again! The difference with this time is that I'm not sure if I'll be training for a show or not, but either way I want results, change and structure! Not to say that I have no idea how to eat properly or workout LOL but sometimes it's better to have an experienced coach designing my meal plans and workouts in order to avoid over thinking or second guessing myself! Mindi also seems to always find ways to destroy my muscles while keeping the plans exciting!

I just finished prepping my first set of meals; I had been eating very similar foods to what is on my new plan but there are a few changes such as pineapple and chicken breast :D and a steak (I LOVE RED MEAT) !!!!!!! 
I went through some mental turmoil over the winter and in the fall months of 2016, as I was in a transition phase; leaving a workplace where I'd been working for 4+ years... Adjusting to new lifestyle changes is always tought but it's the only way to grow... being in one place and following one routine for too long leads to boredom and depression, for my personality that is! I have to say I didn't make it out of my slump alone; I was lucky enough to have people in my life that realized I wasn't being myself and reached out to me so I didn't feel abandoned.. Thank you to my friends/clients and of course my coach, Mindi! :)
Work at my new gym, Xtreme Couture is going great and I am motivated once again to start training hard and with new goals! I'm taking up boxing with one of the pro instructors at the gym which is something I've always wanted to do (I can punch but my technique might be slightly off ;))

Looking forward to a fun and un-boring summer !!!!!!!