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Saturday, July 14, 2012

2012 Summer Update

By: Alex Liska
Hello everyone! :) I hope you are all having a fantastic, fun-filled, relaxing summer!!! :) I haven't been around for a while, i was working 9-5pm, living life and exploring different lifestyles; And they all led me back to fitness and nutrition! This is my passion and i am soooo happy to be back in training and eating clean! I had some time to explore some amazing at home workout options and very easy clean eating solutions while i was "resting" :) Every week, however i have been kicking it up a notch and the results are really starting to show just 1.5months into my nutrition phases! In terms of nutrition, i'm currently doing some carb cycling, low fat phases and intermittent fasting, all according to my activity levels and demands of my lifestyle. This is working wonders for both me and my clients. I have learned so much about nutrition in the past 6years and i feel blessed to have the opportunity to share this knowledge with my transformation team and also implement these amazing programs with my own training. I do plan on doing another show this year, I was debating whether to do "fitness model/bikini" category or "figure" and i really think my niche is in the figure category lol. I do NOT want to lose any muscle mass, i enjoy heavy lifting WAY too much :) In the meantime my focus is on enjoying workouts, clean eating and devoting lots of time to my clients but I'm hoping to do a show in September!  
I also have some exciting news!!! My other blog will be taken over by another trainer who will be posting some really interesting articles that go hand in hand with everything on this site and everything i am hoping to accomplish interms of helping folks adapt to a healthier lifestyle:)
Thanks for stopping by my site and I will be posting recipes/meal ideas soon so stay tuned ;)