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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lower Body/Back Workout & Update!!!

Good morning!!!!
Hope you're all having a lovely week so far :)))
I have been getting a lot of e-mails and messages asking me to post a lower body workout/what do i do for glutes/legs etc... So here is my response!
I just got back from the gym.. i had an amazing lower-body/back/core workout and a bomb post-workout meal! So I'm in a great mood. I decided to post what I did a few hours ago at the gym... Feel free to give this a try. I will suggest one thing, make sure you are well nourished before you go in to train 2 major muscle groups; this is an intense and grueling workout, so complex carbs and protein are a must before you head to the gym to tackle this challenge!!!

4 sets 20-25 reps for ALL lower body moves & 4 sets 12-15 reps for ALL upper back exercises:
  • Stiff Legged Barbell Deadlifts
  • Wide grip lat pull-downs or Chin-ups
  • High/Close stance Leg Press
  • Straight Arm Lat pulldown (with Rope)
  • Barbell Squats (Medium Stance)
  • T-Bar Rows
  • Lying Hamstring Curls (Feet together)
  • Leg Extensions (toes pointed out)
  • Seated Cable Rows (Close-grip)
  • Standing Calf Raises
I performed all of these moves as a circuit (giant-sets style) no rest until the whole circuit was finished. I did a core workout as an intermission... Mixture of Leg Raises/Vaccums/Broomstick Twists/Crunches etc... By the end of this workout i was sweating buckets and my heart felt like it was going to explode :D

I hope you guys find this info useful. I like to use the heaviest weights possible with the best possible form!!! I used to train with very light weights because it was embedded in my head that when you do high reps you should use b!tch weights too... this was until my coach talked some sense into me and made me realize that if i keep going for the b!tch weights my legs won't get any harder. They will stay the same size but softer! so the choice was EASY: hard quads/glutes/hams OR soft @ the same exact size... LOL obviously i wanted the tighter lower body option! and it happened... each workout my lower body gets tighter and tigher and the whole shape of it is changing/lifting and totally leaning out! I LOVE IT!!! 
I must admit though, since i love being honest and outspoken, i caused a scene this week on my BBM!!! i was constantly b%tching and complaining about how gross and bulky i felt... what happened was last Saturday I had my scheduled cheat meal... i went to mcDonalds after my workout and had 2 mcdoubles & a jr. mc.chicken stacked ontop of eachother with 12 enveloppes of ketchup (my brother calls this burger trio the MC GANG BANG!!! LOL) i think i blew a load in my pants after this, seriously... party in my mouth!! HAHAHA ... then i went to Dairy Queen and got a large or maybe xtra large (don't remember) cookies and cream/smarties/double fudge cookie blizzard!!! :D:D:D:D:D: yummmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! OMG im dying just thinking about how good this was! Now, this is totally acceptable and actually encouraged by most because it will speed up your metabolism and provide a mental diet break so long as you resume clean eating immediately post-cheat meal... the problem was I WAS ON MY MOTHER F&CKING PERIOD when i did this sh*t!!!!!! So the next day and following few days i felt like a jersey cow!!! i felt like the fattest person on Earth! i tried on a pair of black TNA leggings and my whole lower body looked like i belonged in a music video for some low budget rapper! :/ I did something terrible, i started cutting all my carbs and fats out of guilt until my coach realized i was having an emotional diet crisis based on my retarded BBM panic updates!! i think everyone on my BBM list thought i was gonna commit suicide via excess cardio and extreme dieting!! LOL... anyways the good news is my mind is back to normal and i am back on track!!! i LOVE my legs and @ss allover again :) :) especially after today's workout!!! 
So, don't be like me, don't be a retard! Use logic, don't deplete yourself on impulse and start restricting calories because you're a little bit bloated. Especially females! when that time of the month comes around; EXPECT THE WATER RETENTION!!! just cope with it... after all we have no choice but to accept it! Eventually some lucky man will be fortunate to spend every special 6 days of the month hearing me complain about how overweight and gross i am and how life sucks because im a woman!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAA! :D
Well, that is all for now guys!! Thanks for stopping by my site to see what's new and exciting in the crazy world of Miiss Alex :')))) Also, in case you don't have me on facebook, here is the link to the recipe for my deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious HEALTHY HIGH PROTEIN BROWNIES!! Enjoy!! xoxo


  1. No shame in eating like that once In awhile. If u feel that guilty about it don't do it next time.:) can you post th e weight y ou go heavy with for 20-25 reps? Also you glutes and unique. Love the 1/4 bikini! Should wear that more often. Thongs are meant for them glutes.

  2. amazing article! would love to wear a bikini with that body!

  3. Nice workouts people are built differently to other, everybody is unique, and some people just are this way,unfortunately there isnt a lot that can be done!