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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Latest Journal Entry: Before & After - 6 Week Challenge!!!

By: Alex Liska
Hello! :)
Thanks for stopping by my site to check out my latest journal entry as I prep for the WBFF Worlds August 27th!!! :)
I decided it's time to post my dreaded before and after pic...
The "Before" Pic was taken the day before i started my diet about 6 weeks ago! The "After" Pic was taken this morning! The main reason i am posting this pic is because just about a week or two ago i was ready to give up and say F&CK IT!!! I was extremely bloated and i thought i looked like sh*t and wasn't seeing as much "RESULTS" as i wanted... The scale was barely shifting, my weight had barely gone down in a long time. 
Although my mom and people at the gym and so on and so forth were telling me they could see the changes in my physique, there were other people asking me "so how much time till your show? oh you still have a long time don't worry," which made me think.. "am i really that far from where i need to be that these people are telling me i'm lucky to have all this time to prep...?" 
Anyways, long story short, I decided to keep pushing forward and just break through the mental plateau i had reached. I not only need to keep a positive mindset for myself, but also for my clients and anyone that reads my blog, follows my workouts/diet. I need to lead by example, so giving up is NOT an option!!!! In this case i would have gave up RIGHT before seeing change.. because to my surprise when i woke up today i looked completely different than last Saturday morning... I decided to have faith and try on my posing suit from my last show (Ontario Naturals Sept. 11, 2010) and .... IT FIT !!!! :))) 
Motivation, Inspiration & Success comes when you least expect it!! This was especially true for me this week ! :)
"The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes"

I am currently working on putting together a 4 stage dieting manual for beginner-advanced trainees. It will focus on meal planning, meal prep, food selection, when to consume carbs/fats/proteins and how to incorporate supplements/vitamins/minerals into a nutrition plan etc...... Stay tuned for more updates from me as i dial in for my next show ;)


  1. I would love for you to set up a 4 stage meal prep, Im competing for the fitst time in September in bikini class (FYI Nikki is the one who inspired me to do it) and I would love to know more information about it! :) KEEP UP the GREAT work you looks amazingly beautiful and strong!

  2. thanks a lot girl!!! :)) that's awesome which show are you planning on doing?? Ontario Naturals?? I will definitely keep you posted and let you know when the manual is ready i'll be announcing it on here! :)) keep training hard ;) xo