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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ab Ripper Workout and New Journal Entry

Hello everyone!!!!:)
A lot of you have been messaging me on FB/e-mailing me asking what I do in terms of diet, and lately i've been asked over and over again if i'm dieting for a show! That is very flattering :) But i have to be honest with you all, even if i did not plan to compete anytime soon I still want to stay lean year-round. This requires balance and finding a healthy medium. In other words, I am eating very clean 80% of the time. I follow a fairly low carb diet consisting of whole foods & carbs around training times only but I also switch up my diet template on rest-days and consume less calories and switch the macronutrient ratios.
I have weekly cheat days OR what i'll do is have a small cheat every day but keep it fairly healthy. For example, I'll have a small bowl of icecream with a large scoop of fry's cocoa powder mixed in, which basically turns my ice-cream into a 70% cocoa frozen dessert! The key for me is, when cheating to practice portion control and drink a lot of water with my cheats. I am very cautious of using too much sodium on my days where i consume mixed energy sources (carbs/fats/protein) because otherwise i will get very bloated!!! On my depletion days since i'm consuming less calories overall i dont mind to over do it with condiments/sodium/diet beverages & splenda... LOL
I am confident that after years of trial and error I have found the approach that is right for my body-type! My clients are also having a blast with their cyclical keto diets, & going hard with the starches/sugars on carb day(s) LOL ...
I have also found a wonderful post-drinking protocol which allows for a day of partying/drinking once a week or once every 2 weeks :D In my humble opinion, life is all about balance therefore if i cannot drink till i'm sh&t-faced at least once a month (by choice) or have cheat days when i'm totally craving junk, my whole fitness plan will suffer!!! Balance is the KEY to success... Moderation is your BEST FRIEND!  If you look at the pic of me to the left, I do LOVE my green veggies (raw spinach especially), but I also love my dry red wine & gin (no picture of this yet lol). So if you can control your eating habits but allow for a well-earned cheat for mental relief, and continue to train consistently, you are bound for success :)

And yes, for those of you that have asked on my photos on FB/statuses if i design meal plans/training plans or train athletes to compete in bodybuilding/fitness shows.. YES I DO! :D
E-mail me: and we can discuss more !!

As promised earlier, here is the workout i did today! I mentioned on facebook that I'd be posting it for you guys to see so here it is:
-30min Stepmill - Level 8- Pushing through the heels and no handles for the 1st 10min. then walking backwards holding onto the handles, slightly leaning forward and pushing through the heels for 10min. The last 10min was a combination of walking sideways/backwards and running up the steps ...

-Walking lunges (no weight) around the gym for 15min.

3 sets 15-20reps each:
-Hanging leg raises
-Broomstick twists superset w/ Ab Vaccums
-Machine crunches superset w/ Crunches on bench holding 10lb plate
-Decline leg raises

Finished with one set of close-grip unassisted pullups performed to failure with good/controlled form (I like to do a set of these @ the end of every workout to strengthen my back!)

Thanks for stopping by my site and stay tuned for more...

Alex L. :)


  1. Good luck on any of your future endeavors. Thank you for information postings. They are very helpful.

  2. thanks a lot for your feedback guys :)) i will be posting another entry soon ;) xo

  3. Top quality blog!! Looking forward to future entries, that workout def looks like it would take it out of ya!