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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Quit Drinking and Slightly Reduced Calorie Intake...

Hello and HAPPY 2019 to all my readers!!!

I apologize for being MIA for so long...
Life happened and I got overwhelmed with obstacles. The honest truth is that I have been a functional drinker for so long that when things got challenging I would just drink and forget my problems - in turn that led to procrastination in many areas of life; one of them being posting on my blog about latest nutrition findings and workouts!! 
HOWEVER, on January 3rd (my birthday) I decided to stop drinking alcohol and start making changes in my life to help me find peace and fulfillment and achieve mental clarity. I joined AA (alcoholics anonymous) on January 7th and have been attending meetings anytime i feel like resorting to alcohol. 
This has been going well and has brought me closer to the community; I have learned that i am not alone in my struggles and have met some great people at meetings that help support me in desperate times. As they say "no man is an island." 
My drinking stemmed from unresolved issues from childhood along with feelings of being inadequate and "not being able to do enough" to name a few. These are triggers for wanting to escape and drown the noise in my mind. However, it was becoming somewhat of a "horse and carriage" effect: Drinking would lead to procrastination and the cycle seemed to be never ending. The hardest part for me was taking that first step YET AGAIN to try and STOP running from my problems. I am happy to say AA really made a difference, along with talk therapy and reaching out for help to friends and family. I've got a great support system and no longer feel alone. Every day is a new beginning to create possibility and the only way to see life this way is to LET GO OF THE PAST and be present.

As far as fitness goes I have been training consistently for the past few years, but as of fall 2018 I switched to a more vegetarian style of eating and started running long distance. I ran my first half marathon on Oct.21st: "The Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon." It was a surreal experience for me to run 21km straight with hundreds and thousands of other people. Since then I have decided I would like to do more races and marathons and have been working on improving my V02max (cardio/endurance) and have stuck to a 75-80% vegetarian diet. I do eat the occasional antibiotic free chicken, and i absolutely LOVE liver. So, once a week or biweekly I will pick up beef liver (hormone free) from the local butcher and eat a whole bunch. 
As of last week I started to decrease my caloric intake to under 2000 calories. I am using my FitBit to track how many calories i burn which is usually 2500-2900 daily. 
Prior to this I had been consuming 2500-3500 calories daily from all sorts of nutrient dense foods, and burning 3500-3700 calories daily. The purpose of this was to increase my metabolism and improve my athletic conditioning! 
I am now steadily dropping lbs. and have ZERO cravings. This has a lot to do with my new nutrition plan which I will talk more about over the next few weeks/months leading into spring and summer. 

I hope you are all having a blessed start to 2019 and remember: YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!
Stay fit, focused and WARM (this winter sucks ass.. lol)


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