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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Using Sick-Days to Re-Energize and Motivate you Rather Than Wear you Down!

By: Alex Liska
I decided to post this after having overcome a TERRIBLE flu during this past Easter weekend, that had me clinged to my bed all Sunday and Monday long!
So, here's the story... On Friday, all the gyms in Kingston, ON were closed; at least, the two Goodlife Fitness locations that I have a membership for were closed, or closed so early that i couldn't make it for my daily routine. I had already taken Thursday off so I felt guilty about resting at home on Friday and eating Easter eggs LOL so I decided to go for a run outside since the weather was so nice. Since it was so sunny out, after an hour of jogging/power-walking I got REALLY thirsty so I stopped by a Tim Horton's and asked for a glass of water. I felt kind of dizzy as i was running back home so i figured it was a combination of dehydration and too much sun... So, I ended my cardio session after 90 minutes. The next day I had a mild headache but just ignored it, and went to the gym and did my Saturday leg workout and cardio. That afternoon at church my stomach felt a bit weak and I couldn't figure out if I was hungry or nauseous. After the service I headed back home and had a light meal and then went to bed.
On Sunday morning I woke up tired, drained, dizzy, nauseous, had cramps and a light fever. I skipped the gym and decided this would be my "rest day" since I trained the day before and did cardio on Friday. Sunday night had to have been the worst night for me EVER... i was nauseous and vomiting all night long and didn't sleep at all. Easter Monday was a VERY depressing day for me. I was tied to my bed all day long laying next to a big sliver bowl :( Since I had been laying down the whole time my body was rested but I couldn't actually get up and do anything because of the nausea, this meant i was FORCED to take ANOTHER REST DAY, and this time outdoor cardio was not an option... So if you add it all up that's Thursday, Sunday and now Monday... For some reason taking all these days off made me feel guilty and like I would start losing some of the results I had worked SO hard for :(
Luckily though, I listened to my body and rested, drank tons of lemon water. I was unable to eat at first because I kept feeling nauseous but eventually I was able to eat some mixed veggies and a bit of oven-roasted ham. The salt in the ham actually made me feel better since I badly needed electrolytes after vomiting straight for almost a whole night.
At this point I just accepted that I was going to take a rest day whether I liked the idea or NOT so I decided to make the best of it. I managed to do a few things around the house, while taking occasional "sitting on the couch so I won't throw up" breaks. I managed to call a few family members to say Happy Easter...and I tried to look at it from a stand point of "I have worked way too hard for my body and been eating clean for way too long and going to the gym religiously, so I REALLY DON'T THINK IT'LL VANISH OVERNIGHT" ... I mean, when I've gained weight in the past I didn't gain it overnight, I gained it over time...
What I learned from all this was that HARD WORK AND DISCIPLINE DO PAY OFF!!! I went back to the gym yesterday with more energy than ever, after having rested for soooooooooooo long (in bed) and my mind was also more clear than it was before. I was focused and was able to have a GREAT workout. I even recorded a short video clip while at the gym :) My eating patterns are back to normal and I have not gained any weight from lounging around and RESTING for 2 days. I weighed myself this morning and was pleasantly surprised, I went from 136lbs (last time i checked) to 133lb now which brings me closer to my ultimate goal of 125-128lbs.
At this point I am unsure of what triggered this stomach flu; running outside in the blazing sun for 90 minutes (I doubt that's it), the filthy tap water from Tim Hortons (that's what I think it is) or just a travelling flu bug (maybe...) Nevertheless I don't really care, I'm glad I am better and was able to overcome this situation and I know now for the next time I get sick (hopefully not anytime soon) to TAKE THE DAY(S) OFF!!

Here is the REMEDY that I used, it helped me feel a LOT better, all while not adding to my caloric intake:
-1.5 cups Filtered Water (you can have this beverage HOT or COLD)
-4 tbsp Lemon Juice concentrate or 1/3 cup Freshly-Squeezed Lemon Juice
-3-4 Enveloppes Stevia (I used PureVia) or you can use Splenda
-1/4 tsp Sea Salt (this adds the necessary electrolytes back into your body after vomiting)
***4-5 ice-cubes (If you're having this drink COLD)

Mix the ingredients together WELL (I shook them up in an empty Powerade Bottle). I would suggest having the HOT version of this if you are going to sleep right away and having the COLD one if you're up and are craving a cold drink. The salt REALLY helps a lot! Electrolytes are SO important when trying to recuperate from nausea/vomiting and even for staying hydrated.

I hope this article helps those of you that have a hard time taking time off from the gym and anyone out there that is recovering from an injury and has had to take time off unwillingly!

-Alex L. :)

1 comment:

  1. I enjoyed reading this article, i'm going to the same thoughts when i get ill, i even drink lemon water till 5 pm
    not that i have acomplished the body you did,
    but i was 118 kg as a 16 years old and since then im working working working, but also cheating cheating cheating.
    and i feel also as easy guilty

    to listen to your own Body, is essential, and during an illness you will never gain weight, cause your body is not resting while you are liening in the bed or on the couch, it needs a lot of energy to fight against the illness, while you are resting your body is in war.

    you are a true motivator Alex, really! thank you a lot!