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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Goals, New Program, New Grocery List!! Here it Goes...

By: Alex Liska
Hello, I hope everyone is having a great week so far!! I have been travelling quite a bit lately and haven't had a chance to post on here as much as I'd like, but I will be starting my 12-weeks out journal very soon! :)
On Saturday, May 22nd, I competed at the OPA-Mississauga (Luchka/O'Brien Classic) in the Figure Medium Class... I placed 4th. I thought I was going to do better but there are definitely a lot of areas that i need to work on. I would have loved to come in looking a LOT tighter, leaner and with much better stage presence. I have a list of things to work on for my next show. I am looking at doing the Ontario Naturals on September 11th of this year, to compete in Figure again! :) This time, I have started my diet on time and I have lots of time to work on my posing and also figure out what I will do with my hair...LOL my hair looked like a mop or a dead animal when i did the Mississauga show :( I will definitely need to adjust this problem by September!! 
I am now training with TEAM O'BRIEN (Mindi & Dennis) and I feel sooo much more motivated knowing that I have proper guidance and support! They have designed a new weight training and Optimal Nutrition program for me that I started last Friday!! I have changed the way I eat, my diet includes lots of healthy veggies, proteins, fats as well as some fruit (which I had always been afraid to eat because of the sugar content). This is the cleanest I have eaten, yet I am not having a hard time sticking to my program because there is SO much variety from Meals 1-6... Here is a sneak peek at some of the items on my new grocery list:

  • -Eggwhites
  • -Lean red meat
  • -Avocados
  • -Lettuce
  • -Tomatoes
  • -Berries
  • -Fresh Fruit
  • -Lean Chicken/Turkey meat
  • -Assorted Unsalted Nuts
  • -Oatmeal
  • -Peppers
  • -Green veggies
  • -Herbal tea
  • -Cottage Cheese
  • -Yogurt
  • -Celery
  • -White Fish
  • -Salmon
  • -Fish oil supplements
  • -Multivitamin 

So, those are a few of the items I picked up during my recent trip to the grocery store... The way they are arranged on my meal plan is just great!! I get a little bit of everything, all at the right times of the day so that my body is always energized, burning fat and preserving as well as building lean muscle mass :)
Stay tuned to my site for more posts as I start my 12-weeks outs training/dieting journal as I train for the Ontario Naturals!!!


  1. once I switched my diet to more veggies and fruits...with more fish and slightly fewer grains...I was able to drop an additional 20-25 lbs and ALL my triathlon efforts improved...amazing..i luv it!!

  2. Nice!!! Good for you! I am also seeing great results and have much more energy now that I have some fruits in my diet :)