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Monday, July 19, 2010

Update On My Journey to the Ontario Naturals 2010

I hope everyone is having a great summer so far!!! It's been awfully humid and hot, not the greatest weather for cardio and high rep workouts, ha ha... luckily I have managed to stay motivated so far, since I am seeing results and I have stuck to my program since i started *phew* !! I know I was supposed to post a journal starting 12-weeks out from the show but unfortunately travelling and having less access to the internet has gotten in my way of that :( 
Nevertheless here are some pics of what I currently look like, i believe there are roughly 7.5 weeks left till September 11th-Show Day! 
My Body-fat is at a record-time low for me of under 10% and my time of the month is almost non-existent... YAY!!! :)))) I think at this point i am pretty much on schedule with my physique, well according to my trainer I am doing alright so my main areas to work on now are: POSING, POSING.... and... POSING!!! I still have to practice walking in those big chunky heels and posing correctly, this has always been difficult for me... I also have to make sure to stick to my diet, which isn't so hard since i like all the food that's on my meal plan :)

Here's a quick peek at my current diet outline:
Meal #1
Shake w/ 1 scoop protein, berries, healthy fats (EFA's) and fiber
Meal #2
Omelet w/ eggwhites, greens and a small serving of lean red meat & a piece of grapefruit
Meal #3
Fish, 2 servings of greens & Healthy fats
Meal #4
1 serving of complex carb from a whole grain source, a microscopic amount of Peanut Butter (LOL) and some more healthy fats
Meal #5
Assorted greens Salad with some grilled chicken-breast and healthy fats & another piece of grapefruit
Meal #6
Egg-whites (only if I am still hungry)

My workouts are VERY intense, but also VERY effective... Mindi (my trainer) switches stuff around on each weight-training/cardio program so that i continually see results, this keeps me from plateauing and also keeps things fun at the gym... I am very excited to see my new meal plan, I believe i will be getting it on July 21st and it will be stricter than the last one... this will be my 3rd phase and I am looking forward to the results it will bring!! :)
I'm heading to the gym now, so look out for my next update, hopefully I will be more conditioned by then and I'll most likely be posting a short clip of my posing practice!

-Alex L. :) 

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