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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Helpful Tips to Fight Cravings !!!

By: Alex Liska
Hello everyone!!!
I hope you're all having a great start to 2012 :) I took a small break the month of December from extreme dieting and training, but I'm SOOOOOO happy to be back now !!! I learned something which is that i'd much rather travel and NOT take time off from dieting and training, than stay in the city and eat junk, train less and "try to be more normal" LOL ... Anyhow, on my time off i had lots of time to play around with new recipes and methods to make dieting or should i say "eating clean" more pleasant! Here are a few tips to help fight cravings:
First and foremost, find out what it is that you crave most... is it salt? sugar? fats? Then try to find a healthy alternative for your craving... for example: if you crave salt, try baking a tray of kale chips or broccoli/cauliflower or any other green veggie sprinkled with SEA SALT and a drizzle of olive oil. Salt cravings usually indicate that you may be mineral deficient or your thyroid may be in need of a boost, coming from a healthy source of sodium, such as SEA SALT! Sprinkling this salt on potassium-rich green veggies allows for a nutrient dense, electrolyte-rich crispy snack that will satisfy your cravings.
If you're craving sugar, this may be a sign that your blood sugar levels are not as steady as they should be... this may be caused by skipping meals, not enough or TOO MUCH exercise, too much caffeine, or simply having been on a low carb diet for too long. Focus on eating 5-7 smaller balanced meals a day that include enough green veggies, healthy dietary fats (browse the archives of this blog for examples of these), natural protein sources, and fibrous complex carbs(try to consume these earlier on in the day or around times where you're more active (ex. pre and post workout). Also, having half to one glass of DRY red wine with dinner and eating 1/2-1 ruby red grapefruit after your meal will help keep your blood glucose levels more balanced. If you're in need of guilt free sweet treats also don't forget to browse the archives on this blog for some simple, amazing sugar-free recipes that will definitely satisfy those cravings :)
If you find yourself craving fats such as peanut butter, RICH chocolate, fatty red meat, this may indicate that your body is deficient in dietary fats/omega fatty acids! Start by consuming at least 1000mg of omega 3 daily and take a look at your overall diet to see if there is enough fat in it! Sometimes when we follow certain diet templates they are either too low in fats or too low in carbs (both of which are energy sources that our body needs at the right times of day). Your hormones reset themselves at night so instead of having a last meal of the day that is high in carbs/sugar, consider a higher fat alternative, perhaps a small serving of red meat/salmon or lean meat w/ 1-2 tsp all natural peanut butter or coconut oil!!!
In between meals, as a snack i really enjoy having kale chips, raw broccoli dipped in mustard and balsamic vinegar/olive oil dressing, or any other green veggies with a pinch of sea salt on them. Herbal teas also really help me feel more satisfied especially mid-morning, mid-afternoon or before bed :)

I really hope this post helps you guys and feel free to contact me: if you have any questions regarding nutrition/workouts and if you may be interested in personalized meal plans/training programs.


Alex L.:)

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