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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Leg Workout: Circuits and Supersets Plus CORE

By: Alex Liska
Hey Guys! Hope you had a great weekend!! :)
I outdid myself on Friday interms of my "last cheat day" before my next show... When i say cheat day i mean i didn't waste a minute of the day 'not eating' LOL... eat., sleep, eat, sleep, then i trained and DESTROYED chest & back! Even did some cardio (not sure what the point was, i think i just felt like being drenched in sweat)... I DEFINITELY consumed well over 10thousand calories... This excessive binge was mainly due to the fact that I ate VERY low calories all week (mainly just greens and protein) and trained like a savage beast! I knew i would be having my last big cheat day and i wanted to make sure i was totally starved and craving everything i saw ... Anyhow, NO MORE OF THAT!!! Eating is fun, but not when you're not retardedly vascular and shredded and able to brag about your food consumption ... I'm back to following an amazing clean-eating plan; one that incorporates ALL macro-nutrients, timed at the right intervals of the day, and that keeps my blood sugar levels steady and wards off cravings! I feel energized and ready to take on 2012 and step on stage harder and more shredded and vascular than ever before :D Even if that's not the criteria the judges are looking for in figure, i STILL wanna be OVERLY ripped, hard, jacked and covered in thick greenish blueish veins :))) I posted 2 off-season pics in this article and i will be posting a lot more as my transformation takes place.
Enough babbling, here is my Leg Workout from Today (i punished myself with HEAVY weights and circuits for having eaten myself into a food coma pretty much on Friday LOL):

30-60sec rest between circuits/sets & as heavy as possible!!!
1warmup set+circuit(4sets20reps each) - I only rested enough to sort of catch my breath between circuits for these exercises, so about 15-30seconds max:
-Front Squats
-Leg Extensions
Leg Press(diff. Stances)
-Lying LegCurl
-Stiff-legged Deadlifts(Diff. Stances),
3sets 15-20reps:
-Single-legged Glute Press on Smith machine(laying down on a mat pushing against the bar w/ my heel - Slow tempo& Squeezing tight)
-Standing leg-curls
-Step-ups on to bench,
-Hanging knee raises(20+reps)
-Lying leg raises (20+reps)
-Crunches w/ feet up holding light bar (20+reps)

So, that was my leg-workout for today!! Lots of work, but i F#CKED up on Friday so this was my punishment :):):) Tomorrow i probably won't be able to walk... YAY!


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  2. Que cabrona eres! You look gacho nalgona wei?! Que patada? you are looking machin though. Oye, Nalgonis, do you do weighted Glute bridges to get more fundillona? 10,000 cals is extreme becerismo dude but damnit, the postprandial thermogenesis must have been off the charts...sigue adelante manita'...