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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Primed for a 36hour Fast!!


So yesterday I was SUPER hungry... I have been following some type of Intermittent Fasting regimen that I tweak on a weekly basis to fit my schedule for the week and keep me on track, goal wise and keep my energy levels high!! :) Yesterday though I felt EMPTY, like i needed to re-fuel... I ended up having almost a whole jar of natural peanut butter and nuts around 10pm and it totally hit the spot! :))))  
On Tuesdays I usually start work early, this morning my first client was at 6am so I was up at 5... I decided to venture into a lengthy fast. Instead of breaking my fast and starting to eat at 12-2pm I decided to see how far I could push beyond my mental limits. It's now close to the 24hour mark with no food and just water and I'm going to see if I can push just past 36hours which means no eating till tomorrow anywhere between 11-4pm(whichever time I decide to start eating again).
I know this may sound extreme to the average person but I did not get to this point overnight! I primed my body through my initial phase of nutrition, then continued to make the necessary changes in phase 2 so that my body would be primed to burn fat under extreme circumstances! Since I've started incorporating fasting into my lifestyle my strength levels and mental focus have gone up and my body fat has gone down :D 

My last workouts were: Back (heavy), Legs (heavy plus conditioning) and Chest (giant sets) and my last meal was a super alkaline shake and a jar of peanut butter ;) Already did "fasted cardio" earlier today lol and I plan to do another workout before I eat tomorrow!!! In terms of fluids I've been drinking water just to stay hydrated (although I did start with a dry fast for 10hours - I'll explain more in a later posting). I had 2 "bullet-proof" coffees (black coffee w/ pinch of coconut oil) and my own concoction of super alkalized water!!!!

I will keep you all posted on how this week ends and how long this fast lasts so stay tuned:)

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