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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Show Date Change to November 29 in TORONTO!!!

Hi Everybody!!! thanks for stopping by to see what I've been up to lately!!! 
So as usual, I CHANGED MY MIND!!! For the better though... my workout buddy and I have decided to compete at the Toronto OPA show November 29 instead of travelling all the way to London for the 22nd... This also gives us an extra week of preparation which helps relieve stress and gives me a chance for more experimenting with my training and nutrition!! I had been training with my friend Alicia for the past little while but now I am re-doing my upper body program as I need to keep muscle in my shoulders, back, arms pecs and shred my abs even more! She is doing bikini so as far as lower body training is concerned we can still hit legs/glutes together since we have the same goal in mind:) 
All i have left to do at this point is shed water, tighten my legs especially glutes and hams; I'm hoping to showcase my personal best in terms of lower body this time around! I've been working hard at shaping my legs and lifting my glutes etc... Excited to see what the final product will look like ;) as far as cardio I'm at 2 sessions a day about 30-60 minutes each depending on how much energy I have and what my schedule at work permits... I am working a pretty heavy schedule at the gym seeing anywhere from 7-9 clients a day so squeezing in extra cardio is a challenge but needless to say it somehow always gets done !!
I'm pretty much just listening to my body and taking each day at a time pushing as much as I can! My diet has dramatically changed in the past week or so... I'm doing a mini carb cycling plan which is pretty much 2 low carb meals followed by a moderate to higher carb meal depending on activity level and how my body looks/how I feel!! I am pretty much on my own now in terms of the final weeks of prep with some help from a few people that I trust, so I can finally say I'm walking the walk and the proof is in the pudding :) 
I will be posting more updates as the show date gets closer! To all of you in Toronto check out the OPA website for more info on the November 29th event if you're interested in coming to watch!!!!! :D

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