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Friday, November 21, 2014

Last Week Out!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog to see how my contest prep journey is coming along!!
This week has been pretty good considering that I tweaked my nutrition yet again and cycled all the complex carbs out... still have lots of energy for workouts though... This whole experience has been totally different than the other times i trained for figure comps... It's been conclusive in the sense of tieing all the loose ends with my nutrition/training trail and error of the past almost 10 years... I have finally found the formula that works for my body in terms of food, cardio and weights... Thanks to the fact that I work full time in the gym I was able to get in all the necessary weight training and cardio sessions and I finally figured out a good, fast and easy meal prepping system for home which takes under 30 minutes to get days and days worth of food prepared... Also found a way to make food taste GREAT with less salt and added crap!!! I have to say though this experience would have sucked and been incomplete without the support of my clients, training partner, posing coach/suit designer and family who understand what it is that I'm trying to accomplish and have been motivating and encouraging me from the moment I decided to do this show!
Well, took some progress pics this morning while prepping my tilapia and vegetables lol...decided to post them on here! Last thing left to do is drop ALLLLL the water weight and continue to practice posing :)))))
For Anybody in the Toronto area that's interested in coming to watch the show please check out the following link: Nov.29 GNC OPA Gala Championships and 40th Anniversary

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