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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well, well, well.....over the past say, almost decade, i have been preached to about "empty stomach cardio" ... getting up EARLY in the morning and performing my cardio session before breakfast...some "fitness experts" have even suggested i pop a fat-burner or 2 before doing this cardio...
Okay, EVERYONE has a different opinion on this and i respect everyone's personal views and such.... HOWEVER!!!!! I can speak from my own personal experience.... EMPTY STOMACH CARDIO WAS NOT MORE EFFECTIVE FOR ME than cardio that i would otherwise have performed AFTER the consumption of a light meal... i actually found that i was VERY tired, lacking energy and could not even complete my cardio sessions when i would do them before eating breakfast. As a matter of fact, i was SOOOO hungry by the end of the empty-stomach cardio session that i ate almost twice as much for breakfast as i normally would have :( ... I will go as far as saying that i may have even caused METABOLIC DAMAGE by performing "empty stomach cardio"for soooo many days of my life... I find this method of "Fat burning" or "weight loss" to be completely useless and counter-productive... I look at it as "DRIVING YOUR CAR WITH NOOO GAS IN IT" who does that?!?!? Not anyone i know... if you look at it form a logical standpoint, the key to weight loss/fat reduction is to INCREASE YOUR do so you would need to provide your body with a LITTLE bit of fuel before performing an activity. I like to have a small serving of fat-free, low carb, or plain yogurt w/ some stevia in it and even a teaspoon of instant coffee and some vanilla just to give me a boost. Even a scoop of low-carb whey protein mixed in water does the trick...anything to get your metabolism reved up and functioning works great!!!.....
"Food gives your body the energy to perform the most purposeful exercise possible. If you can only run 10 minutes on an empty stomach but 20 with a bit of breakfast, you may want to consider eating something small before exercise. Food also helps to clear your head, wake you up and provide you with the balance and co-ordination necessary to perform a safe workout."(as quoted by PTS Kaleena Lawless on
"They Say" that overnight your body is fasting therefore you wake up and are all of a sudden "burning stored fat" when you immediately head over to do your cardio session...BUT!!! How do we know that our body is resorting to burn stored fat when it barely even has enough energy in it to carry out regular metabolic functions? Almost anyone who is a beginner at exercising will see results off ANYTHING that they it's not that they are losing weight because they are exercising in starvation mode, it's that their body is responding to MOVEMENT in general since they have been sedentary!!! We ALL need a base source of fuel, for heaven's sake! Even a light spinach salad with some cottage cheese (1/2 a cup) 30-45 minutes before a cardio session is ENOUGH to help you have a LONGER, MORE EFFICIENT, PLEASANT cardio session...
So... i'm gonna leave it at that. This is just my opinion, personal experience as well as the experience of a handful or so of clients that I train... We find that by eating Low carb, Higher protein, Moderate fats (mainly from healthy, unprocessed sources), and by having a light meal 30-45 minutes prior to working out or doing cardio, WE SEE BETTER RESULTS and enjoy working out a HECK of a lot more :)

I do plan on doing some more research and perhaps creating a poll on people's opinions and feedback on this matter as it is rather significant to those that want to lose bodyfat in an effective, safe way :)

Yours in Good Health,

XOXO.... Alex L.


  1. i completely agree with your stance on this. i've tried empty stomach cardio and my body just doesn't like it. i'm happier with working out after a light meal and i don't eat as much after. i'm not even as exhausted after a workout. great article.

  2. Yes i agree, I've also implemented an empty stomach cardio and it don't have an effect on me. In fact i gain weight for about 2 pounds. I don't know why?. By the way, thank you for sharing this post i've enjoyed reading it a lot. I can also related this to an article at which helps me in my weight reduction routine.