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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 Contest Prep Update

Hey guys! Hope you're all having a great week so far!!!! Mine is busy but going great; work is always fun, I can't get tired of training clients, I love personal training and doing nutrition consults. And I've started bringing an extra carb meal to work for more energy! :)                                                                                      Sooo, I am undecided between 2 upcoming figure shows I'd like to compete in... I might end up doing them both since I would be ready in time; at this point it's a matter of 'not turning back' and just continuning my diet phases and training... I have a positive momentum wave working in my favor! This is the most driven I have been since 2007 when I first started competing. That's the beauty of having been in the fitness industry for over 5 years and starting to feel comfortable both with nutrition and coaching myself with my diets and NOW having a trainer. YES!!! I am working with a conditioning coach finally!!! I have a trainer/coach at my gym. I have seen changes in my physique since I started working with him AND I have no more excuses when it comes to cardio lol... I can't get away with my 30min cardio sessions and justifications for doing them such as "I don't wanna burn muscle" or "I'll just do some extra sets with weights" ... I pretty much have no choice but to hop on the treadmill/stepmill for an hour. It's great because even at my level of fitness, I still need a kick in the ass so I don't slack and think I can get away with any half ass workouts!!! I'm also doing new exercises to work on muscle imbalances and symmetry and enhance areas such as legs, tighten up my lower body and really work on my V-taper! I plan to bring the best package ever on stage this year!!!!!!!! I find it less stressful not to have to gauge my own physique and plan all my workouts too! :)
In terms of meal prep and diet, I have been doing my own nutrition plans and they are only gonna get harder and more strict! I actually look forward to starting to feel depleted after my workouts LOL... feels extreme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be posting more specifics on what I'm doing in terms of nutrition on my next journal entry. Stay tuned:)
Alex L. :)

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