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Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Training Records Set!!!

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!!!!
I've been feeling quite experimental lately so I decided to try out some new exercises and increase the intensity of my cardio! I did my scheduled weight training workouts with my trainer and got my A$$ kicked as usual:) so I figured since my pain threshold has increased, I might as well keep pushing past any limitations I may have previously encountered!
I ALWAYS wanted to be able to do sets of wide grip chinups with no assistance! And I'm a HUGE fan of core work and stability ball squats! Soooo, I decided to superset stability ball squats at the cable station with wide grip chinups! When I started feeling tired around my third set I'd switch to supersets with close grip chins! In total, today I managed to do 7 supersets: Squat 21s on the ball with wide grip chins 7-10 reps for 3 sets then 4 sets with close grip chins!
Prior to that I beat my record for stepmill cardio, instead of going at 100 steps per min I increased to 125! And on the treadmill instead of doing 15% 5mph I did 15% 6mph jog to finish my cardio (total of 30 min between the step-monster & the treadmill)
I'm feeling absolutely amazing and limitless!!! Yesterday I went to visit my parents and I found my 10lb weight belt so for cardio I did walking lunges up and down the street and threw in 10 sets of 11 weighted jump squats!!! These REALLY set my glutes and quads on fire... LOL..
I won't lie, sleep has not been so great, but where there is a will there is a way; I am finding energy to get everything done! Meal prep, training clients and working out just to name a few...

So far progress is great, I am happy and I'm looking forward to kicking things up a notch; My trainer has informed me that my workouts are gonna be getting more intense VERY SOON and I'M SUPER EXCITED TO HAVE SOME NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES IN THE WEIGHT ROOM!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!:))


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  1. Great blog as usual!! and also loved the pic at the end, WOW Dat ASS !! handsdown is the best! :D