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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Nutrition Changes to End a Busy Week

Hey guys!!!
WOW! this week is going by SO fast! I actually just realized that I'm about 8 weeks out from my next show (May 11th) and I need to tighten up my diet! I have been eating clean as usual but my macros needed to be changed. The ratio of carbs to protein to fat has officially been tweaked to ensure that I start to get SHREDDED!!!!!!
Being active all day and having to sustain fairly high levels of energy at work, I still need my carbs, so what I have done is moved the fat sources to different meals and added in some more protein to go along with my two-a-day workouts! I must say my body is responding really well to minor changes both in my diet and training.
There's a Food Basics right beside my work, so I really have no excuses to not adhere to a super clean eating program. And I just placed an order for 3 buckets of whey for emergencies, so I can always mix a shake in my water bottle using a paper funnel between clients, worse case scenario LOL... but no, for the most part I do find that I have time to get in my meals! This is probably the most I've had on my plate in terms of work/life/training/personal life etc... but I feel like now that I'm on a roll I don't wanna stop. The more responsibilities and the more busy I am the better I feel.
Next week I have set out some goals in the weight room to hit every body part twice and ensure that I get in my hour of challenging cardio; that along with the new nutrition changes seem really promising to me. I'm excited to update you guys on how this all goes.
Stay tuned for my next journal entry next week and have an awesome weekend!!!!

Alex L.

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