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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Still Low-Carbin' it & Lifting Heavy!!!

By: Alex Liska
Hey!! Thanks for stopping by my blog to check my latest progress update!:) 
As mentioned in my previous posts, i have been doing some experimenting with different diet tricks, different macro-nutrient ratios as well as food products... For my body type it's quite clear that low-carb works best. I am very sensitive to grains and can't consume starchy carbs everyday, they are very acidic, cause discomfort, spike my insulin levels (especially when consumed alongside proteins) and lead to weight gain and excessive hunger. Regardless of how "wholesome" or complex these carbs may be, unless i'm having a small serving of fibrous green veggies my body doesn't respond well to grains. However, in order for my hormone levels to adjust and my thyroid to function properly on a very limited carb diet, i have incorporated 1-2 weekly carb re-feeds to jolt my metabolism and keep my glycogen stores full. I got an AWESOME carb-cycling template and diet/training layout from my friend Josh:) it makes complete sense for my body-type and after just a few days on the new diet i have noticed some positive changes; i feel a lot tighter and more energetic! My first official carb re-feed consisted of oats, yams, greens, healthy fats, fruits and took place 2 days ago. The following day i was back to super-low carb dieting and i went and did a HEAVYYYY leg workout!
I have also found that in order to build deep cuts and sculpt nice, full 3D muscles you just have to go heavy. For women especially, considering that we have a quite limited testosterone producing ability we must go super heavy in order to sculpt and build muscle and maintain a muscular physique while dieting. It makes me laugh when people are afraid to lift heavy weights because they are dieting for a figure show, yet so WE ARE CONSUMING LESS CALORIES, in most cases, doing more cardio, weighing every food portion etc... so how on earth would anyone bulk up just by lifting heavy? it's quite absurd if you ask me. However, i can understand if hormone levels are out of whack, ones metabolism is not running up to speed perhaps from TOO MUCH CARDIO, a very acidic gut(usually caused by over-consumption of starchy carbohydrates accompanied by proteins), or if you're following a diet that's not high enough in dietary fats, maybe then...JUST MAYBE then, you may experience water retention and bulk from going heavy, but then there are other factors that need to be assessed and addressed.

Anyhow, i'm lifting heavy, doing pyramid sets anywhere between 5-6 sets of 6-15 reps of every exercise. My main focus is compound moves, and i'm doing whatever i can to keep my workouts under ONE hour (this is to avoid cortisol production or insulin sensitivity caused by over-training). I've been sipping on a protein shake with glutamine in it during my workouts to keep my body in an anabolic state and i refuse to do any more than 20-30min of low intensity cardio following my workouts! So far so good... but at the end of the day, this whole dieting for show thing is quite the mental trip, so it's all about maintaining a positive attitude, clear state of mind and always continuing to move forward. Our bodies are always changing, everyday we wake up a new person! Not to mention there is a LOT of trial and error involved, especially in my case now that i'm training myself.. Self-awareness is key and having the ability to gauge your physique or have someone that you trust provide good feedback is also important! :)
I'm still consuming LOTS of whey protein, mainly for convenience, but also a lot of whole foods. My supplements are still: O3mega Extra Strength capsules, Spirulina, Glutamine, Whey protein, Multivitamin, Greens Plus (This stuff gives me SO much energy, i add it to my pre and post-workout shakes) and either Cod-Liver-Oil or Evening Primrose Oil capsules.... 

Stay tuned for my next update;)

Alex L.:)


  1. Beautiful body You have!
    Good luck!

  2. Hi! I found you through Nikki's blog :) and I just wanted to tell you keep your hard work, after reading this blog I changed my diet. In my 5-6 meals I always eat carbs/protein/fat it works great by not allowing me to gain the 50 lbs Ive lost but it isnt working in the sense that I cant seem to get leaner. As I read your blog you mention that for your 'body type' low card works best. In the past I never wanted to try low carb because as If I would feel sooooo hungry by not feeling full but I took your advice and up'd my fat intake and Im very shocked at how full I feel with a veggie carbs/protein/fat diet. So I decided to try this 3 days low and 1 day refeed to see if I get leaner, wish me luck!

    P.S I was one of those doing toooo much cardio and not seeing results Im hoping low carbing it is ganna bust this plateau!

  3. Hi Alyssa!! thanks for your comment:) Congrats on losing 50lbs thats absolutely amazing!!! you sound very dedicated and disciplined so i'm sure you will continue to see results! And yes for sure if you're gonna eat low carb you have to increase dietary fats! :) I'd suggest having a higher carb day once a week for you! Try it out and let me know how this goes... and remember to still eat clean carbs on that day; oats, yams, sweet potato, fruits etc... Best of luck!:)


  4. Hi Alex...I found this article very interesting because I grew up in a healthy eating home, no soft white bread like all my friends...whole grains whole foods...and then a few years ago I became intolerant of many grains. It is funny as now in adulthood my friends are "discovering whole grains" for the first time with all the abs diet /clean eating data going around and now I can no longer eat these things. I would have to eat wheat alternative breads and pastas and they are made mostly with starchy non nutritive flours in my book and so I just avoid them.

    When I do have grains (even the grains that are safe for me (that I am not intolerant of) I feel I have eaten too much. And yet as clean as I do eat and active as I am... I am not seeing the progress that I would like. The progress I used to make when grains were not a problem.

    I wonder If it is a timing thing. I wonder if these scheduled refeeds would be the answer for me.

    Where can I learn more about these refeeds? I do not just want to google it and come across forums where others do not know the concept well. Do you know any authors who have written about this topic or specific sites? Thank you. Your physique is awesome!