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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Unnecessary Pressures Being Placed on Today's Men to Look Like Pro-Bodybuilders and Be Filthy-Rich (Men's Health/Lifestyle Feature)

By: Alex Liska

I am writing this article because I think that this is becoming a serious issue for a lot of guys and is adding to the already stressful lives of so many men out there.
I have received a lot of messages whether it be on facebook, e-mail, etc... from guys asking me if I only date bodybuilders or men that are in tip-top shape; I have also been asked if I would date a "Joe the plumber" kind of guy or an "average Joe" that is not rich! I would like to say first and foremost that I am in a committed relationship so my reason for writing this is to express my views on this hot topic and hopefully help guide some guys in the right direction when it comes to living a healthier, less-stressful life :)

Many guys have expressed to me that they are unsure about what girls think about them because they may not be swimming in piles of money or look like a pro bodybuilder or an extreme athlete... I think that the media, magazines and the opposite sex are adding a LOT of unnecessary pressure on today's men to live up to an unrealistic expectation. Music videos would be one good example i can think of. They all feature men sitting in leased/financed luxury vehicles, wearing the latest fashion and driving around with attractive women. Magazines all feature these "stud-muffin/beach hunks" on the covers!

We all have ups and downs so because a man cannot afford to buy his girlfriend "Manolos", "Gucci" attire, or "Chanel" handbags or whatever other "fashionable" crap that females like, it doesn't mean he is less of a man.
I personally HATE shopping and I don't care about brand names of any sort. I am comfortable in boxers, sport-bra tops, marinas, no-name jeans/shorts, track-pants, cheap but comfortable shoes and I HATE wearing make-up.
I would hate to be with a man that expects me to paint my face on every morning or strut around in needle-thin heels all the time so I don't expect my man to think he has to be driving a luxury vehicle, injecting himself with roids or growth hormone or have to slave at work so that he can feel secure in our relationship. I think any woman that truly loves the man she is with should accept him the way he is, and if anything ENCOURAGE him to exercise and eat healthy and give him moral SUPPORT so that he can have a longer life-span and live stress-free! Never should a woman be the reason why a man is going out and putting his life at risk (in some cases) or over-exerting himself at work so that she can wear the latest fashion and sit in the passenger seat of the most luxurious vehicles out there.

Stress is a major factor in poor health these days and it can be easily avoided and overcome with a few basic lifestyle changes. Exercising and eating healthy are a great way to cope with stress factors, they are a form of release and give you a sense of satisfaction by helping you feel better, mentally and physically. Guys, you should workout to stay fit and be healthy, not to look fitter to impress girls! Eating healthy is also important, so make sure to follow a healthy eating regimen and don't let unnecessary stress get in your way.

I admire the dedication and determination of bodybuilders and I admire the drive and focus of successful business-men BUT! I don't think being a bodybuilder is reasonable or even "healthy" for everyone! I know there are a lot of them that are natural and so on, but it would be sad to think that anyone would feel under pressure to use illegal sport enhancers to fit a certain "looks profile". And if you find yourself attracted to "high-maintenance" women, maybe it's time to re-think your choices LOL, go for girls that are more down-to-Earth and that won't set you up for failure through unreasonable expectations. It's your life, live it stress-free, live it the best you can!!! :)

Best of Luck to you all!!
-Alex L:)  


  1. hi alex,
    i really enjoyed your article
    is a reality in witch we are living every day
    let me ask u some!
    how can i do to get in touch with you for some exercises and meals tips, i don't want to be a body builder but i would like to return to my previous shape and be kind of a fitness guy. well i thank you for the time and your lovelly pictures, and i envy your legs.. lol.... haha!

  2. Haha F***king aye
    good to hear a woman standing up for us men.

    really though great points, things im sure most guys know, but as im sure you being a woman know, we can get a bit silly when it comes to the fairer sex.

    i wont lie, getting more fit for me is in some way about getting some female attention, but moreso i just want to feel good

    thanks for the article, good read :)